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i know you tried to explain wiz in our chat but i didn't get it my question is,is there a way to plumb a tank and keep the float tank to meter chemicals are can i get rid of the float tank and still meter chemicals?

Ron P.

ron p

i dont understand the question
a supply tank and a float tank are the same thing.
one is about 3 gal. and the other 300 gal[or whatever]
how dose the tank meter chem?
I can see useing your supply tank to use a rinse aid chem and supply the wash water with the float tank.
i have a gated y to supply the float tank or to fill the large tank [home depot $2]

here we go
garden hose to a water filter then to a gated y
one side goes to tank
one side goes to float tank

float tank-line gets 1]valve 2] a y 3]hook to pump
Supply tank-1]second water filter 2]a valve
3]a check valve and connect to the y just before the pump.
i wash with the float tank water then turn 2 valves and rinse with the supply tank water.
i use hot upstream soap and cold water rinse.


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If your metering valve is after the float tank near the pump, everything will work the same as it does right now. Remove the float tank and install the plumbing from the big tank where the float tank was. Then put the float valve out of the float tank in the big tank. Now you have a great big float tank. The pump will pull the water out of the big tank without any modifications. Just make sure the hose you use from the tank to the pump is stiff suction hose or even radiator hose.