Parking Garage Cleaning videos California Pressure washing equipment

Doug Rucker

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Maybe it's flirting Doug. That name he keeps calling you could simply be a term of endearment.

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Yeah he's flirting again with me right now on TGS....what he doesn't know is he had me at babe, or was it Ruth, or oh I can't remember. To many memories.
Do we know anyone that has that Landa setup? I've seen that before and am curious how it works and how well it works. Heard about it, but never seen a demo of it being worked.
When I was first looking at getting a trailer I thought about getting one from them, they are very pretty, but the one I wanted was way out of my budget. In the end I love what I got. The trailer is very nice and has some cool specs, but the surface cleaners on the back of that big trailer is a bit ridiculous. I don't see how anyone could use that.
Specific use. I guess you could always take it apart and use individual surface cleaners. I would expect it to be pricey

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That trailer rig was made to clean huge areas of concrete, a specific purpose, a specific need according to the owner.


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We thought about something like that to pull behind the truck for 10 miles of 7 ft wide sidewalk we bid earlier this year.


With enough decks, pressure washers and water supply it can be done, the trailer shows that.

That trailer rig cost a fortune to buy, especially since the stuff was shipped to Australia which by itself must have cost a lot.