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I was asked to bid on a very large expensive home that is sided with wood shingles, painted. Some area's are just dirty, others, north side, are green with mildew. My mix of choice for vinyl siding is SH with a commercial soap I get from my power wash store, but not sure that mix would work well, or would be safe for the painted wood shingles.

Any words of wisdom? Thank you


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I did my first painted house a few weeks ago. It was painted clap board and the paint was in good shape. There was a lot of black mold at the soffits and gutters. I used my xjet 5 with SH 12.5, fresh wash, and h20

I did 2 gallons SH, 3 gallons h20, 6 ounces fresh wash.

I had to reapply and scrub the gutters but it came out sparkling, the customer was really happy.

I normally use a little stronger mix but I wasn't sure how the paint would handle it so I went lite.

I think if your shingles are painted and not stained you should be ok with your HW mix. Maybe just go a little lite on the SH.

I'm just a newbie, I'm sure others will jump in and help you too.

Good luck and could you let us know how you make out?


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Thanks John, yes the shingles are painted and yes some do have mold so I will give it a try with what I have been using, I just wanted to make sure it was ok to do so and if there was something better to use.



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As long as the paint is in good condition, you'll be fine. As already mentioned, go a little lite with the SH.


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You should be fine, do a test spot on a hidden area
First because some paints can react to sh because they have organic pigments in them.
I know a local guy that washed a house that was blue and it turned pink when he was done.
So do a test spot first.