Orlando Rig Contest Voting, WIN Ipad Randomly for Casting your VOTE!!!!!!!!!...

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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Contest Rules

Its really Simple, Cast a Vote for the Person photo you think is Best, quote the post to have a Shot at winning The IPAD on Sept 10th 2014


Best Commercial Rig

Best Residential only Rig

Super Rig

Cleanest Most professional Image award

Will Tally Votes after the iPad Giveaway.....Do not Be Silly enter your Vote to Have a Chance at the IPAD

If you want to WIN Our Random Cash Giveaways ., POST your VIP Pass with your Mug in the photo to win CASH all Month.

If you have VIP PASS# 27889 Post it an You WIN $100.00

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