Ohio Round Table

Mike Hughes

Former Board Administrator
Over the years, I've met lots of people from Ohio, you should be able to have a good meeting..........

Try searching the pwna member listing for ohio and ask those people if they would like to come. www.pwna.org



I am very close. I know people north and south of me and I can round up a few but closer to Akron Cleveland would center it a little. If not, I will do what I can to round up some contractors.

Is a distributor/OEM welcome?

Call me sometime.
I would have to say yes. Especially if he sees how many people we have, not only here but all over the country and is willing to give us good prices. I was thinking an ins. guy, an advertising guy, etc.
I have met a few new guys in my area and hope to set up something so we can all meet and chat and trade stories and above all, learn.