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Tony Shelton

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At Sonitx we don't just clean coils. As a matter of fact, coil cleaning is less than 30% of our business.

We are an air filter service company.

We were the first company in the US to make a full blown business out of sustainable air filtration service.

We use our own branded proprietary air filters that are custom made to our specs. They are permanent, electrostatic filters.

We have to deal with the same politics in the air filter industry as we do in the power washing industry. Sustainable filtration is anathema to the filter manufacturers. They rely on repeat customers buying filters over and over again. These filters end up piling up year after year in our landfills.

With all the money behind them, it's pretty hard to compete and convince companies to change over to permanent filters.

We have always held the position that, in normal applications, electrostatic filters not only hold their own with paper pleated filters, but in reality, they outperform them.

Here is a study from 2010 between (among others) a 1 inch MERV 8 electrostatic filter up against a 2 inch MERV 8 pleated (one of the most common brands/merv/depth we compete against) The study showed that at the same rating, the electrostatic cleanable filter not only produced less resistance to airflow, but also used a LOT less energy to pull air through it.

We use less water to clean one of our filters than it takes to manufacture the filter it replaces.

To date Sonitx has eliminated over 300 miles of filters laid end to end that would have otherwise ended up in the landfills.

Thankfully, as time goes on more and more studies like this are proving that we were on the right track all along.

All our business is commercial with the exception of some residential accounts that are serviced by a DBA.

For ten years we have been slowly showing the market that sustainable filtration is the wave of the future.





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Matthew Norman

You have a great business put together Tony! I still think it will be one of the most residual/profitable businesses to be in.

Ron Musgraves

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Nationwide? WHAT Cats Out of the Bag, Oh Wait your International

Nice Job Tony, Great to See how far you have Come in a Short time.