North and Central Florida Roundtable


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North and Central Florida Meeting Will Be In Orlando.

Date and time still being worked out but will most likely fall on a Saturday around 1 PM at the Clarion Hotel Maingate or Clarion Universal.

I am also working on a hotel package (Around $50) for those wanting to stay the night and or meet afterwards for extracurricular activies.

For those interested in attending, I would appreciate a heads up so I can continue to plan accordingly.

Vendors please give me a call if you are interested: (727) 934-3400.

Right now it looks like we may have a sales representative from Seal-Krete attending.

I am still looking for a PW and a Chemical Vendor. Maybe Envirospec?

Again, please give me a heads up if you are even THINKING of attending based on the info I have provided in this post.


Sounds like you are shaping up for a great meeting also.About how many do you have coming? I think I am going to wish I was having mine in Florida if the weather doesn't break up here soon!16 degrees as I type! Have fun at the meeting.



I'm definitely interested in attending, but it will depend on when. I'm tied up at least the next two weekends, after that is open for now. Please let me know as soon as you have even a tentative date.




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Oneness -

I am glad to see that I am not the only one slammed with work. I will give two or three weeks notice for the meeting so don't worry to much Oneness.

Everett -

As far as I know Oneness is the only person that I have. As I posted, I need a heads up of how many.

So for those interested or thinking about attending please send me an email. Again, this meeting will take place on a Saturday in Orlando. Date and time still unknown.