New Jersey Roundtable results - Oct '03

Mike Hughes

Former Board Administrator
The roundtable meeitng in Medford, NJ went well, as it has in the past. I took a few pictures, which I will sent to Everett and/or post them when I get the time.

Nice seeing everyone today.

crispy crittr

New member

If you took the pictures at a high enough resolution (300 dpi) would it be possible for us to use some of them in Cleaner Times?

Also, would you, or Everett, send us a little write-up about how your meeting went and what was covered.

A review of another meeting that went well was waiting on me when I got to work this morning.

We feel these meetings are important for the industry and want to help get the word out about their success. They always seem to come together after our deadlines so we have been unable to announce them ahead of time so far.

Chuck Prieur
Cleaner Times Magazine

Mike Hughes

Former Board Administrator
Chuck, I'm not sure what the dpi is on the pics. I shot them with my digital camera set at the 640 x 480 image size, which is the smallest it allows. The last time I submitted pictures for publication in your magazine, I shot them in the largest image size, which is 1280 x 960.

I suppose I could just send them to you and you can determine if they are useful or not.

Send me an email