Looking for some insight...Apartment Complex Cleaning

Dan Manley

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I had a meeting this morning with the property manager of a local apartment complex here in town. After chit chatting for a few he offered me to also bid on their other property in the next town over, so now there are a total of 72 roofs ranging from 2-4 story apartments, garage areas, pool/ club house buildings, etc. They want the complete works...roofs, exteriors, gutters, entry ways, sidewalks as well as the common areas.

So I was just looking for some insight....

Whats the best approach for getting the most accurate way of finding the SQFT of roofs and exteriors?

And if you have any experience with these types of cleaning please feel free to toss in your 2 cents


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Ask for a pdf copy of the architectural drawings, the drawing are relatively easy to read and most managers would have the pdf handy when in their offices.

Rapid HotClean

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If the manager doesn't have drawings (they often don't), go the county tax assessor's office and ask to see the building cards. These are developed by the tax valuation appraiser and will usually show a dimensioned site plan along with individual building footprints with dimensions.