who does good logos at a good price?
I know about kbk keith and another local guy here got a few things done from him.
Who else do you guys recommend.
Most of the logo is done.
I just need like the face redone.
Does this warrant a discount? lol seriously though


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Try 99designs.com. You'll get a bunch of submissions from dozens of designers and you pick the one you like.
found a hard copy.
I couldnt get into the email.
it was printed out like 8 months ago and looks like it mightve been used as a coaster a time or 2, but its still in good enough condition.
I like everything about it, except for the wand (or at least the way he's holding it), and then possibly his face. Not sure what about it.
Ty or any other designers that see this... yall think yall could do something with this?
Send me a PM with price please