Logging machine cleaning

Got a call to come look at a logging machine last night, guy wants the radiator and pans cleaned. What do y'all think is the best way to go about this, I was thinking heat, with low pressure but I could be way off, thanks

Andy Hinson

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I would use heat. Best to clean from engine side first. be careful not to damage by closing openings with too much side pressure. belly pan may have to be removed and shovled or scraped out.


I don't remove belly pans as you can lose bolts and some of those pans weight hundreds of pounds each so you will need a couple helpers to help remove/install them besides working in the muddy/greasy mess before/after removing and installing the pans.

Don't use pressure on the radiators as the fins can be bent easily.

Lots of soap and degreaser warm/hot water helps a lot for those kind of jobs.

Bring changes of clothes besides the rain gear/ throw away water proof suits as you will get soaked with the hot water, grease, oil, mud and other lovely things that are on the units, it is just part of the job.


If they remove and install the pans to be cleaned then that makes life easier but I would not do it for many reasons besides the liability and insurance issues.

I don't work on heavy equipment, not certified or have years experience doing so, so I don't do that kind of thing, I just wash them and if they need certain parts washed, they remove them so they can be cleaned and then they install them later.

I am sure that there are some guys that will remove the pans and other parts to be helpful but that is personal preference, my preference is to leave that to the guys that do that for a living and I do my job, just personal preference.


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I've washed tons of equipment over the years. Not once have I ever removed a belly pan as I leave it to the customer. If they don't want to remove it there are usually holes that the oil/grease will flow out of if you are able to break it down to that level with proper chemicals. I typically us 110 degree heat and upstream the chemicals in the 1500 psi range. NEVER use pressure on a rad!
Thanks so much guys, he removed pans for me, used heat and low pressure turned out great, he was very pleased and said last guys that did it didn't have heat, thanks again