Lets Talk business cards Today guys.

I know, they stick the on the computer and fry it. I always assume that people may not know that and always tell them. Even residential clients.

Ron Musgraves

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You have had residential ones do it? I always love my magnets, I slapped on fridge. Love them

Ron Musgraves

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How do you Make a Great Post card for pressure Washing?

Here's my Take on Postcard Use

Its important to use Postcards & brochure for Marketing

However do not over do the postcard thing, its only effective if you can Campaign a targeted Region or customer Base.

I personally think Postcards are even less effective on residential clients in certain Demographics.

Lets Talk about the card itself first, this doesn't matter if its residential or Commercial. although I think Residential customer can be more forgiving to a Bad card. Simply because the stereo type in the demographic I'm going to send cards to might have more time on there hands to look at the cards.


Your Headline should Say what your doing, think about how many times you saw a Card that you looked at trying to figure out what the person does? LOL I have seen these cards, I chuckle when I see them.


Shoe Repair

Flip Flops

800-Shoe Repair

Here's the Basic reason you do not need the other Clutter large , you have a limited time to capture attention. Think about how you go to the mail Box. I'm looking for Checks and not looking for bills or postcards. I do not think to many people jump off the couch after they see the mail man , no one runs out to the box to say lets see what postcards came today.

Heres whats important after the tittle, the Color of the Card. Keep in mind the color of the card does not have to be your brand. Take notice of Larger chains who create these, they are not trying to Brand target. They know when you see the Bulleyes you know its target. Sometimes they do the reverse because they want the consumer to draw attention to the Item on sale and see its being sold at Target secondary. The thought of Layout and Item on the card along with color has more Play on the fact a consumer will look at the card.

Start looking at other Media, keeping in mind when we see the Victoria secrets catalog on the table or the sports Illustrated it catch your eye. The logo for either one did not tell you that it was a the catalog or magazine. The Item on the media said it.

This takes you to step 3 , no we are not suggesting women wearing nothing on the front side of the card. By the way witch side is the front? Whats the Back? Whats the standard info on both suppose to be?

Here is another thought for the card!!! WHo is the card really going too?

Of course we want the card to appeal to as many people as possible!! Or do we want to know the demographics of the delivery.

Here's another Example of Separation in the market.

Customer Type 1

Lawyers Doctors Rich Educated People WHITE COLLAR

Customer Type 2

Construction workers, hospitality , production line workers BlUE Collar

No one thinks about this when Mailing cards.

Who the people are will depend on the type & look of the card.

Yeah we all fantisise our client are billionaires, well those folks your card just went to are not Billionaires in those 250,000 to 750,000 houses.

I think america is broke in to six groups

Ultra Rich 1%

Doctor Lawyer Rich 3%

Professional Rich ( mainly women) 32% 22% Men

Blue collar Men still employed 30%

Broke people Men un-employed no skills The rest along with Welfare


Please do not Focus on the Percentage, they are not accurate. It was from memory on a report from months Back.

Lets Simplify this a little

I'm going to make this easier.

If I walked into a professional women office and Gave her a Beer Mug as a widget would she use it? Maybe but doubtful.

If I walked into a male Superintendents trailer on a construction site and handed him a nail File with my phone number? He might though me out call me a Fagot and tell me never come back.

I think your Getting a little better idea on what and how simple a card should actually be.

Your looking at what your message is an to whom your going to deliver it too.

Cookie cutter cards can work, targeting cards work better even in less volume.
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Good stuff Ron. I think most of us knuckle heads tend to over think too many things and lose the point. When it's really just basics.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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Good stuff Ron. I think most of us knuckle heads tend to over think too many things and lose the point. When it's really just basics.

Its basics to the Masses , not so much in commercial. All your clients are different an have social and economic differences.

Yes start by not over doing it!!


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Good comment Chris. We see lots of people try any random marketing with no real vision of how it's going to work. Many people try Branding items like billboards and radio prematurely as branding builds a household name based on a larger campaign than most start ups can afford. Marketing their phone number and service is what is needed instead, such as these post cards. Most billboards do not have a phone number or website on them, just a brand image. You cannot project a brand before projecting a market.


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I'm developing a door-to-door postcard campaign. The front will be my business card (only larger and more detailed). The back will be a laundry list of problem areas for that particular property (check boxes).

My nephew want's to help me (earn some money for his first car), but he's still in high school, so I figure I'd make him some post cards, teach him how to identify problem areas and to mark them on the card. The cards will then be left on or near the front door in hopes of generating new business. I figure 10% of the net from any jobs he generates is fair (comments?).

My first goal is to design the back so that it's easily read, but contains as much information as possible (the more "problem areas" the better). I will also be including a brief description of the "problem area(s)" to educate the home owner and possibly a sales pitch as well.

Anyone care to share their ideas for the laundry list? I'll be including most aspects of exterior cleaning so pretty much anything goes. I'll adjust as needed on the following batch.


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Here's a short list I've started.

  • Dark discoloration or streaking on roof surface?
  • Dark green and/or black discoloration on siding or concrete surfaces?
  • Visual signs of moss?
  • Visual signs orange or bright white stains?
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

I want this easy enough that my nephew can spot as much as possible, and also easy enough for the homeowner to verify.


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Any suggestions on how I can improve this?



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I got my postcards today (not for mailing, but a door to door campaign). Yahdaya think?