How Much was the Classes and the Event Entry at the National Convention 2015

Ron Musgraves

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I just want to ask this question to those who attended so others believe it, some people still think the event was charging people at the door or for class rooms.

Lets here a few testimonials on how much the event was worth, and how much it actually cost to get in the door.

Now please we all know that Hotel , food and travel expense exists with any event we attend. I'm asking you how much did the UAMCC charge you for classes and the entry to the show?

Dan Dykstra

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Entry fee to the classes at the national convention were FREE, but the value of each show was priceless. The information that was shared has already helped to move my business to the next level in my area.

Luis Orts

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I paid $0 to get in the door.

Yes, I ponied up about $1,700 for the trip (flight, food, hotel, uber, etc.)

But I took home about $40-$50k in immediate nuggets (within a 3 month span), which it will pay it self 40 fold in just the short term! And really, I couldn't put a price on what it would do to my business for the future.

The kind of things you learn, you just can't put a price on.

And certainly, you can't put a price on relationships... there are some great people I got a chance to meet for the first time, and I know if I ever needed help from them, it would be easy to reach out with some sort of rapport already built. OR vice versa, myself trying to help others in the best way that I can.


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I paid $0 for the event and charged $0 for the class I taught.
Came away with a priceless amount of information that will move my business light years ahead of where it was when I was attending others paid shows.
Also managed to win about $1000 in prizes from our awesome vendors.

Tony Evans
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Scott Stone

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I have never paid anything to attend an event for the Uamcc. I have also never charged for any class at a Uamcc event. For that matter, I have been offered, and declined, compensation at events. For me it is part of giving back.