Gun+Quick disconnect+Wand=Problems


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Usually when doing a job I am able to change wand sizes right in the spot (gun+quick disconnect+wand) I just have to attach the wand to my gun thru a quick disconnect socket; no need to turn my machine off and water off.
The problem is that my quick disconnect socket get damaged often and also the O-ring as well. I need to change both in a regular basis.

In the past if I wanted to switch wands I had to turn the water off, disconnect the gun from the hose and attach a new gun with the desire wand already attached to it. Took longer but the O-ring and quick disconnect sockets will last forever.

I need some help in this matter. Thanks!


Russ Johnson

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The European style twist couplers work well in that particular spot. There are no balls to eat into the groove on the plug and there is more surface area to hold the coupler connection more rigidly. Another optoin would be a ball valve on the end of your hose. Shut the valve off, switch guns, and turn the valve back on.


I have one wand that dose that. The tolerances are off enoughf so that I aquire a slight wiggle. (play in the connection)
That one wand eats up O rings like mad. Switch out your old male and female quick connects for new ones.
I use brass. Some guys use only stainless. Brass is fine if it isnt dropped to the ground from a fair distance.
I know what ya mean about turn the equipment off- turn it on- turn it off-turn it on.If ya have 2 guys get a set of the 2 way radios and tell your helper(grease slave) to turn off equipment and bring you another wand please. GOAT.

I dont like a ball valve in the line close to the wand. There cumbersome and will get caught on everything. That has been my experience.

Dave Olson

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Hello George,

We use stainless quick couplers and ballvalves. Yeh we go thru o'rings, but if you do not turn the wand while it is under pressure the rings last much longer. Running hot of course takes them faster too!

Dave Olson


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Henry Bockman

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I use a small stainless steel ball valve and swivels. Most of our rigs are set up with a swivel, then a QD, then the wand. This solves both problems usually.


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I tried the ball valve, and it became more of a hinderence than a help. After burning my arm on it twice, and catching it on the top of a fully extended 32' ladder, my ball valve has earned a permanent place of rest in my storage bin.