Google+ post is 2nd Organic result!


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this is just to show how important it is to post and be active on you Google+ page!

I randomly googled "Roof Cleaning Orlando" and m google+ post was number 2 Organic search result!! and the computer I searched from is in city just south of Orlando. The post was made in a city north east of Orlando, on a different computer and network.


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Don't want to burst your bubble David, but I did the same search (from Lakeland) and you weren't listed on any of the first 10 pages (which is also where it ended).

Ralph Q

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Use it won't record your IP address
Yep google shows you your own stuff on top. Always search from a computer that in't set up with your google account. I usually go incognito, or use the ad preview on your adwords account. I found his website on page 7. I used my adwords account and set the search parameters like I was searching from orlando.


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Funny how different devices come up with other info. My iPhone, Google tablet and computer show different info on many sites. Been searching homes on Zillow and it's different info same settings on all devices.