Google Adwords My Market Is Competitive

Coleman A

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I am in the Houston, TX market and it's very competitive. I have recently started an adverting campaign on google and it's crowded! Looks of local business owners are on here (many of them I have seen on this forum and on facebook groups). The ROI must be there, I'm guessing its just going to take some testing.

One great thing about Houston, there is a ton of work and will always be that way.

How much do you spend on google ads?

Any help is appreciated. I am a small company and not looking to take over the market. I am just trying to provide extra income to my family. Pressure Washing has been a blessing to us.

Everyone in here and on facebook groups has been so helpful and I thank everyone for that. I am getting to the position that I'm able to give back and seeing what yall do for others really motivates me.

I started my website 3 months ago and am already building domain and page authority.


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As you are doing research, remember quality score and high conversion keywords = best ROI

example = pressure washing > extremely low conversion, people can type " [pressure washing jobs] and you will still come up and they will click it thinking you are hiring, just a huge loss of money.

you wanna use keywords like [pressure washing services (location)], [roof cleaning services (location)], [power washing services (location)], [house washing services near me].

keywords that have buying intent, I'm sure you'll get the rest from there! Good luck!