Free Pressure Washing Training Event Atlanta GA / Young Guns Event Speakers and Presenter Under 30 years of Age

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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Free Pressure Washing Training Event Atlanta GA / Young Guns Event Speakers and Presenter Under 30 years of Age

When: TBA March 2021
Location: TBA zip Code 30340
Number of Days : 2
Number of Instructors Day 1: 4
Number of young Guns Day 2: 8

Day 1

Free Commercial Exterior Softwash Technical Training Seminar

  1. Spray Techniques
  2. Ratio Chemical mixing Chart.
  3. Proportioning , Batch mixing & Down Streaming
  4. Plant & Property Protection.
  5. Air, Booster, Diaphragm,12 volt , Down Streaming. Garden Hose, Pump Up.
FREE Window Cleaning

  1. Water fed Pole “Tucker Poles”
  2. Traditional Squeegee
  3. Interior Window cleaning
Instructor TBA

Free Commercial Concrete cleaning Seminar

  1. Surface cleaning
  2. Variable Wand use for not damaging substrates
  3. Proper chemicals Module
  4. Hot water VS cold water
  5. Down Stream, Pump up , 12 volt
Paint Testing / Property Protection

This Session will cover all issues in the industry with Paint Manufactures and how to detect these issues prior to washing.

Trudi Weickum

Demos & Environmental Discussion BY:

Hard surface restoration Training

Ron Musgraves & Darren White

Special Guest Appearance By: Patrick Clark
of Precision Pro Wash LLC

Patrick will be our guest Speaker for the young guns event with a Special talk about his Journey. If you are a Patrick Clark fan do not worry we will Live stream this part of the event and we know Pat's talks are highly Spiritual and Motivational to the Community. Patricks Resume is building a brand that he has been able to share with the world, his licensing of Precision Pro Wash LLC and his highly Known Gutter Butter.

Tune into the live the Show Dates and Times will be Announced SOON!!! TBA

Day 2

Speakers & Presenters Line up !!!!!

AJ Joyner: " 15 tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence"
Social Media Contact info:
From: GA

AJ has over a Million Followers on Social Media and Some Blogs have been Viral. He will present on how he achieved this and how you can better your Social Media Presence.

Evan McGinnis " How to get the Best Bang for the Dollar Using Key Words"

Social Media Contact info:
From: South Beach Fl

Evan has been into Key word advertising Since Key word advertising Started, Mentored by some on the best in the business he is one of just not the cleaning industry top key word Technicians but Various other service industry's. If you been having trouble with Key word advertising Evan will simplify this for you.

Devin Walden:" How to start from 0 to 6 Figures"

Social Media Contact info:
From: Atlanta GA

Devin made his splash into Pressure Cleaning Social Media being challenged by other washers. This did not discourage of stop his leadership, as the Athlete his competitive nature and leadership skills he prevails to impress not only his peers with his knowledge for the industry but has shown he is coachable. Washing for five years marketing is his strength. If you do not believe he is the real deal just take a look at his past portfolio. This talk with be a real treat to see how he went from 0 to 6 figures. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
Check out His portfolio:

Baylee Mondugno "Systemizing Growth"

Social Media Contact info:
From: Long Island NY

I dug my feet into power washing at 19 when I saw all the routes accessible for our service. I moved down to Florida where I owned a small company in south Florida and I fell in love with soft washing. I ended up selling that company and moving back up to NY and starting a company there. We maintain projects from small residential backyards to NYC subway platforms. We run two crews 10months out of the year. Fortunately, 2019/2020 we ran 12months hard. I love the industry, understand the value in our service and know where we can take it as industry. I’m in the process of putting together 2 more crews for this upcoming season. We pride ourselves in providing the Highest caliber of commercial cleaning while Executing quintessential cleaning procedures limiting the disruption to our clients work hours.

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