Face to Face Sales-Maximize your time and effort

Jillian Shelton

New member
What have you found to be the most effective way to maximize your time and effort when it comes to face to face sales?

In our experience we have found the way to maximize our time and effort when going to do face to face sales is this: (Mostly Restaurants)

Before you go:
Make sure your equipment is working properly and you have everything you need to do a live demo or a cleaning on the spot. Don’t forget your chemicals, work boots, and tools.
The last thing you want is your equipment to malfunction or not work when performing your service in front of a potential customer.

Do all your research beforehand so you can have some background walking in. Be sure to make a system where you can add notes to the potential customers profile. Ron taught us to pick a handful of targets and go after them. Keep track of progress and information. This will help you not only keep track but keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Use a map app to map out your sales day to maximize your gas and time. Also, include the cheapest gas stations.
Call beforehand and ask who the store manager is (basically who you need to talk to) if they ask why or who you are tell them. I'm calling to find out this information so I can speak with them about the power washing services that I can provide. Most of the time they don’t ask until you ask for their email LOL. Which is not necessary yet. Never EVER leave your home without a business card. Does not matter if you're going to a personal event, business event, or if you're going to the grocery store. You never know when the opportunity to make a sale or connect with another business.
Be prepared with a contract/quote template you can write out and have signed on the spot. Of course, find out their hours of operation. Restaurant managers typically come in an hour early. Be sure to consider this when making your map.

Find the person in charge, TELL THEM (Don’t ask) that you want to give them a free dumpster cleaning demo. It will take you x amount of time. You will make a video showing them the quality of work you can provide. All you ask is to leave them a quote for your services and that they consider using your company. Once the sale is complete. If they do not sign on the spot go back within no more than 3 business days. Or follow up when they’ve instructed. Be sure to not leave without their email at this time. You can let them know that you will follow up with them in a few days. So they can expect you and are not thrown off when you arrive. They may call you. I suggest returning to the place for face to face visit. It's so easy for them to say no on the phone.

Be sure to return early as before. When it gets closer to the doors opening the busier they get. Tell them you wanted to stop by and follow up with them. If they brush you off with “I’ve been so busy.” Acknowledge there busy-ness with “Yes, I can see you are busy.” Ask them if there's anything you can do to help? (Follow through) I will call you on (pick a day, ask them if that works for them). At this point, it's 50/50. Either they are brushing you off or they really have not had the time. What you do know is that you won’t be stopping back in unless its to clean. Make sure to follow up on the said day. I use my phones reminder app for everything! LOL

On to the next but Keep them in mind, Send them a flyer for the next 3 months. Then Quarterly. It's never a forever no. It’s just a ‘not the right time no’. Or ‘Not the right person’.
When it comes to lowering your quote because so and so only charged this amount. Explain that your company will give them the best quality service for the price and that you wish so and so the best at that price. They may chuckle. or not.
Do not come down on your price!!! ( Ron also taught us that) You have a business to run and a family to feed. They can afford the few extra dollars. If they cannot then you don’t want the customer.

The biggest thing is to sell your relationship more so than your service. The service is why you’re there, yes. However, the relationship you build is what will get the job and keep it.

This is what we've learned and had success in. Please add what has brought you success.