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I am working on the design of my door hangers and would like some examples of some good ones for ideas. I really like Carlos at New Look's flyer, for one. If anyone can share their flyer designs with me I'd really, really appreciate it.

Also, I am wondering about the wording for the headline. I've heard some people say that you should not sell the service itself, e.g. pressure washing, but rather the benefits a person gets by getting the service done, e.g. more free time and convenience. How do I go about translating this into a captivating headline? Have any of you guys noticed a difference in responses when selling the service this way versus simply selling pressure washing? Michael Kreisle touched on this in a very good thread on another forum, written a few years back. @FCPWLLC

Dan Dykstra

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Here is the door hanger I use.
The 3rd pic is what I use to place on the doors all around a home I have just completed.


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Thanks guys. Those look great. I see y'all are selling the service...anyone tried selling the benefits to the home owner only with different results? I really want to get the wording etc. right on these and make sure I have the right selling points.