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Beth & Rod

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Hi all,

We're up to 8 companies so far. When we hit 12 we'll be able to say that Jay Tarentino will speak on masonry.

C'Mon guys...free knowledge is a wonderful thing, and Jay is willing to fly in at his own expense to share with us. All we have to do is be there.

Sunday, Feb. 23, from 2-5 pm. Location will be announced the end of the week after we have a few more attendees.


Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
Hey folks,
We're up to 12 companies, and still have not heard from all who have been called....

Company coming from the farthest North is coming in from Pennsylvania, and from the farthest south is coming up from Hampton Roads Virginia. To the east, from Baltimore... c'mon guys, it's a great event. Last Feb., we went to the one being held in Philadelphia. Although the location was a little loud, it was still wonderful to meet others, to network, and to share ideas and to brainstorm. Next week I'll be putting together an agenda based on feedback I'm getting from those who are coming, so we can be sure to cover everything. Also it looks like 2-5 pm may turn into 2-7pm, but what the hey, it's worth it! :)


p.s. companies attending so far are listed below:

American Exterior Cleaning
Enos Powerclean
Deck Heads
Deck Medics
Aztek Enterprises
Henry's Housework
Lenny's Powerwash (Va)
Exterior Restoration
Redic Professional Services
Universal Restoration
Kessler's Power Wash (Pa)
See Dirt Run!

Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in posting these, but better late than never.
Here are some photos of our round table meeting.

Jay Tarantino drove in from Ohio and spoke on concrete. Very informative. Most all the folks there were wood restoration specialists, and left with new information about add on services and how they can grow their business with current customers, both residential and commercial. Thank you Jay for sharing your time with us in such dreadful weather!

Our group would like to see meeting quarterly, and some folks were interested in getting a larger group to turn out at future events. Professionalism and improving the industry was of particular importance to all who attended.

Attendees also shared ideas that we'll bring to Las Vegas to present to the PWNA on each company's behalf. Many who attended are members. Some wonderful ideas were shared.



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