DC Area Round Table Meeting Nov 1st!

Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
The DC area Round Table Meeting will be held...

When: Saturday Nov. 1st
Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Where: Hard Times Cafe in Rockville http://www.hardtimes.com/rockville.htm

Russell Cissell from Extreme Solutions will be joining us talk about wood care, and is coming in from St. Louis, Mo! Other topics will include commercial work such as fleets, flatwork and so forth. This will be a down to earth fun exchange of information and stories from the field.

Please email beth@seedirtrun.com if you plan to attend or give us a call. We'll need a count by Oct. 31st for the restaurant.

Door prizes will be given away. Bring an appetite. Lunch is on us!

Beth & Rod
DC Round Table Hosts

(for those who attended last year, this is not the same Hard Times location as the last meeting. Please note this years location.)