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shane mckinney

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OK guys need some direction, was called out today to give an estimate on a project a 15 story condo.My question to anyone with experience is this something that could be done without a lift or platform?My thoughts were using a portable soft wash system with a 55 gallon tank for the SH , and washing over the balconies working my way down through the floors. Anybody out there with experience on this grande of scale?I am thinking this one's way over my head.



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Here's how I would approach this project: I partner with a window cleaning company that specializes in rope access work. I'd have them be the G.C., and do most of the cleaning and all the drops. I would provide equipment, detergents, the ground crew, and clean the low stuff. Price it right so you both make a fair compensation and punch it out it 3 or 4 days. I did this with a very challenging project last year and it went great. I consider myself lucky to have the help of this other owner, and he considers himself lucky (I hope) to have my expertise in soft-washing. If you don't have someone local, PM me, this friend of mine works nationwide and might consider taking it on with you. Don't want to put words in his mouth though.

Mark 8262

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We just an 11 story hotel at the beach. We partnered with someone experienced using a swing stage. Used one of his guys and one of mine on the swing stage. Are you insured for this type of work?