Apple Wash Surfactant & DYE Marker Concerns :Ron Musgraves

Ron Musgraves

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My concerns are not about dying anything, it only about bringing the wrong attention from regulation in our industry.

Do I believe the soap is needed having a shooter marker, perhaps as a training tool for beginners. It appears to increase the wash process and reduce profits.

I only Made these statements public because people are making false statements as normal.

There are 5 or 6 Markers now. In my opinion is only possibly going to speed regulation restrictions on our industry. The wrong person will see it and thats when it will start. Its not If it will happen, its just when is it going to happen if we keep using products that will draw attention to our service industry.

Added 09/09/20
I wanted this group to know about Shooter DYE, this is not about bashing these as it seems there are about 4 or 5 different ones. I really do not care to discuss how good the products perform or do not perform. My issue is that if we continue to use these we are brining adverse attn to our industry. This is just my opinion and not and attack on any specific distributor as some like to play that card. This is a message to contractors who are my only concern, consider this. By you and others using these products if the wrong person see this it could lead to you being shut down. We also know competitors have also turned guys in around the country for spraying without a license. Thats just another issue when it comes to these types of issues. I encourage contractors to be responsible and at least make sure you are doing everything legit before you bring this type of attention on yourself. Most guys do not understand using 12.5% SH is not legal. Its a federally regulated Pesticide at this percentage. So understanding if you still feel compelled to use a DYE please make sure you are doing everything to the letter of the law. Some States have been shutting contractors down. I do not want to see you or your business receive a Cease and Desist order from State agencies. Remember its not the Dye that not legal its the issue of three things. 12.5% regulated product, Pollution coming off the structures & ground water contamination.

We have fought many of these battles and have won in most instances. Some contractors lost there businesses and there entire lively hood before we could get the win. If you think because you do not use its not going to affect me. Well when regulators come after the shooter Dye guy they also start enforcing the other issues and we have 20 year guys get closed down because others practicing poorly. Every time this has happened it started with one person and lead to dozens of others being affected. YES others can affect you in AHJ (Authority having Jurisdiction)
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