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Hi. I'm Joe from Squeaky Clean House Washing in Jackson, NJ. I've been trying to get this business going since January. I've been trying to get my business moving along but I'm making stupid mistakes along the way. I have been watching alot of pressure washing videos on YouTube, and finally decided that it would be nice to actually have some people that I can reach out to and get info from, instead of guessing and wasting money. Thanks..


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Hello. I just joined you from Turkey. I hope it will be a place where I can both contribute and gain knowledge. Respect and love to all... :)


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Hey guys! I'm James, the owner/manager of CLEAN VENTILATION in Massachusetts. Glad to find there is a forum out there focused on what we do. Have been struggling to find good information out there, and stumbled onto this forum, finally.

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Josh and I Own and Operate Shimeks Powerwashing in Northeast Wisconsin. I began reshearching and experimenting with different chemicals and methods on different surfaces a few years ago with a sub-par Pressure Washer and whith in the last five months i decided it was time to take the next step and form an LLC and get Insurance, I also invested a nice chunk of change in a Hot water reclaim/recycle Pressure washing trailer. I really appreciate all the information that all you seasoned guys put on this page, it has saved me many mustakes that if i didnt learn on this forum it would have costed me time and money.

Thanks and nice to meet all of you!
Josh that statement about experimenting with chemicals on different surfaces took me back almost 26 years when there was no forum or local place to purchase parts or anything and I had to drive about 5 hours to pick up the first one I ever saw much less used. As a result of being born again just days before and walking away from over 220k a year guarantee I stumbled on to something that changed my whole life.

Ron brought me out of the woods and washed the dirt off or well he paid one of his guys to wash me off while he ordered food to go and made me a moderator and here we are today.
This is for the new guys on this post. If you fall in love with this profession it will love you back that is a guarantee. It will give back way more than you in return but you have to let your passion for it be seen in your life by your work ethic, your integrity, the way you present yourself and by showing up and doing what you said and last but not least treat your customers like they matter and do it right and always do the right thing when no one is looking and you will succeed

unless you have a mishap and get a staph infection and then fall through a roof and break 41 places in your upper torso or have your home burn causing you to start life over and (for Ron) the first day out in the field what do you do when your struck by lightning? Yes that all happened in the last 4 years but the business waited on me.

I am gonna try to stick around here and avoid the experts on Facebook a while so they can work things out better so if I can help y’all just hit me up I will do what I can to get you through the learning curve