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  1. Connor

    Liquid sodium hydroxide

    I can get Liquid sodium hydroxide at 50% concentration in 5 gal pails from my dist. Does anyone know how that relates to dry product? I usually add 16 oz scoop of dry hydroxide to 5 gallons of water.
  2. Connor

    Tip of the day.

    Tired of having regular hose clamps break or loosening up? Get pinch clamps. This is the Oeitiker Brand stainless stepless ear clamp. If you didnt know, now you do. Now get out there and wash something!
  3. Connor

    Tip of the day.

    When I was at Paul's shop yesterday he showed me a new poly swivel for our chem reels. So if you didnt know, now you do. Now get out there and wash something!
  4. Connor

    M5 ds

    I just received my M5 DS. Have not seen it talked about on here so I thought I would share. I usually use a jrod but this seems easier. I will post link to where I purchased it and a video I found on you tube. This is not my video...
  5. Connor

    Battery Meter

    Sometimes its just nice to know how much battery you have left. Cheap and easy to install.
  6. Connor

    Car lots?

  7. Connor

    Udor 5gpm, 3500psi

    Hey guys, I just upgraded my equipment and am selling my old pump. Its a direct drive, 1 inch shaft Udor 5gpm, 3500 psi about 400 hrs on it. Works great and oil changed regularly. Asking $90 plus shipping. Email me at
  8. Connor

    18 hp Kohler for sale

    I have a 18hp kohler for sale, asking $600 1 inch shaft 3 yrs old. around 1200 hrs Oil changed twice a year, air filter replaced every year. Only ran premium non ethanol fuel in it. Local pick up only. Also have a udor 5gpm 3500 psi gpm direct drive pump for sale Text me at 920-279-0660
  9. Connor

    Gear drive

    For those that use gear drive, have you considered making a bracket to help support the weight of the pump? If you have done it, could you post a pic of your set up? Thanks.
  10. Connor

    Measure With Your phone camera

    I can see this app helping some of you out. You take a pic of the project and it measures it for you. Just downloaded it myself so I cant say how well it works.!/id349530105?mt=8
  11. Connor

    Roof Sealer

    Came across this video. Talks about a roof sealer at the 3:45 mark. Doesnt appear that they make it anymore. I imagine it didnt hold up on roofs.
  12. Connor

    Marketing Multiple services.

    Many of us offer more then one service, and market them on the same post card (for example). Im curious if it would be better to design 2 different post cards , lets say one for Pressure washing and one for Roof cleaning. I understand thats going to cost twice as much to have made and mail, but...
  13. Connor

    Roof pump switch

    I know that there are many ways to set up your roof pump and switches. Thought I would share how I like it. Just made another one today, get an oversize battery box so that it has extra room to mount a switch. I will then have a 30 amp inline fuse as well. Its clean and easy to do. Used...
  14. Connor

    Plastic Gift Cards

    Need to thank Darrel Copeland for my sweet gift cards. Just got them today. Plan on sending them out with my spring letters to past customers.
  15. Connor

    bluetooth head set

    Just thought I would share this. When it comes to making a bunch of calls while in the office I have found using a headset makes this easier so I can multitask and have both hands free. I'll post the one I have below. Its cheap and simple, but works well. Many of you may have already used...
  16. Connor

    Marketing pics

    Here is a good b4 and after I thought I would share in case anyone is looking for marketing pics. Feel free to use it.
  17. Connor

    Tiered Pricing

    At the orlando conference there was talk about tiered pricing. Who does or has tried tiered pricing and how has it worked? How have you set up your packages?
  18. Connor

    Note Pads?

    Where is a good place to have custom note pads or post-its printed?
  19. Connor

    Cool Video
  20. Connor

    Post card feed back

    Looking for feedback on this post card. Had keith design it last winter and used it all summer. its a 6.5x8 inches. What would you change? would you make it bigger? Thanks for your time.