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    TW: All of my stuff

    I've got a really nice basic setup that has very low hours that I am thinking about selling off. All of it is located in an enclosed box truck that I can sell as a whole or part out if interested, but I'm not interested in shipping so local buyers are needed. All of it is at my house just north...
  2. J

    Concrete sealant option for customers?

    Hello again, I have a potential customer that is neighbors with my boss for my FT job. He insists that if he has his driveway cleaned that it should be sealed afterwards. What sealants do you guys use, how is it applied, and what is a good price point to offer this as an upsell? To be honest...
  3. J

    What's the "after-process" for cleaning a paver/brick driveway?

    Looking at streetview of dirty driveways in my area, I saw this: Let's say I went in and cleaned the driveway and it looked great (obviously this particular example is really discolored already), I would imagine a lot of stuff (dirt? sand?) would become dislodged from the areas between the...
  4. J

    Has anyone had any success with home-building a "vacu berm"?

    I see many different examples of online stores selling "vacu berms" when doing searches. They all range from $200 - $500+ but they are all advertised to do the same thing. So, has anyone made one themselves for what I would assume would be a fraction of the price?
  5. J

    I need a filter for my reclaim water

    Hey. I am new to this industry. My local laws state that I must either reclaim the waste water and filter it and reuse the water, or I may relocate the waste water to a grassy area. I am on a limited budget, so right now the grassy area discharge option is best for me. I bought a small...
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    How do I set this pump up to allow bypass back to the water tank? [pic]

    I bought the necessary plumbing from Bob @pressuretek but I don't want to mess it up. That is the pump I've got. Which hose do I hookup or disconnect or whatever you will - to allow the water to go back to the tank? Thanks for any help!