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  1. Art Oliveri

    What is GEOTAGGING

  2. Art Oliveri

    The new Look

    The Forum looks good !!!
  3. Art Oliveri


    Out There!!! Nobody likes forums anymore. I don't think these new FB guys know what a relevant back link is. They just don't have a Clue
  4. Art Oliveri


    Forums Rock! Face Book Sucks!
  5. Art Oliveri

    ITS BAck

    Happy Days.
  6. Art Oliveri

    UAMCC Atlantic City Event March 5th and 6th

    March 5-6, 2014: New Jersey Networking Event, Atlantic City, NJ. Tropicana Casino & Resort 2831 Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 08401-6338 1-800-345-8767 Make sure you Register* ITS FREE and there is no Strings attached, there will also be a Special cool thing on Chlorine...
  7. Art Oliveri

    Tennis court cleaning

    I have a tennis court to bid on. I haven't seen it yet. But what's the best way to clean it. Can I spray S/H and use my surface cleaner
  8. Art Oliveri

    Tarnished Brass Door knob

    Yesterday I did a house wash. When we sprayed the front door.we got S/H on the door knob. The door knob turned black and ran down the white door. We tried cleaning it and it would not come clean. Then I tried some One Restore. That stuff cleaned the black off in short order. If you are not...
  9. Art Oliveri

    Hardy Board

    I went to a trade show today. The Sales Rep was there from Hardy Board. So I asked him how do you clean it. He said soap and water. I said no S/H . He said never, it fades the Hardy Board color. So I said what if it has Mold on it. Then he proseeds to tell me that the Mold isn't on the Hardy...
  10. Art Oliveri

    20' GP Surface Cleaner

    About a year ago I bought a 20" GP Hammerhead surface cleaner from the Internet. It strarted leaking out the weep hole and O rings. I sent it back for a rebuild. It came back last week still leaking from the weep hole. So I sent it back. I called them yesterday and they said a leaky weep hole...
  11. Art Oliveri

    White Wash on red brick

    I have a condo complex to bid on. It has red brick on it. The gables are painted white. The white is washing onto the red brick. What would be the best way to clean it off. Would just power washing remove it? I'm going there in the morning to look at it. I will get some pics. Thanks