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  1. Mark 8262

    Which pump set up sprays furthest

    Looking to see which pump set up sprays the furthest. Air Diaphragm, Uder/zeta, etc. Please give me your thoughts & expected spraying distance. Budget $2k-3k Thank you
  2. Mark 8262

    Metal Roof /Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Do most kitchen exhast cleaners clean the metal roofs after cleaning the the vents on the roof? We have a local Whataburger restaurant that asks us to clean their metal roof after they have their exhaust cleaned. What would you suggest to use to clean up the mess from the exhaust on a metal...
  3. Mark 8262

    Wood Dock Sealer

    Could you wood guys recommend a good "clear" sealer for a wood boat dock. Thank you
  4. Mark 8262

    Workers Compensation

    I have a question for those of you that work in multiple states and carry Workers Comp. Are your rates based on total payroll or the payroll that is paid in each state. Lets say you have a total payroll of $100,000 $70,000 in Alabama & $30,000 in Florida Should my rate be based total payroll...
  5. Mark 8262

    Engine coupon

    Just got this in my email. I have one. only about 20 hours on it so far, but runs like a champ (so far)........Only $549 with this coupon
  6. Mark 8262

    F9 Roof Rust Stain

    Will F9 work to remove rust stains from asphalt shingles? If not, anyone have any suggestions
  7. Mark 8262


    Over the years I have been pretty fortunate when it comes to bad debt. I currently have a property management company way past due on some apartment complexes. is it possible to put a lien on an apartment complex. If so, is it difficult? Would prefer to do myself rather than spending a fortune...
  8. Mark 8262

    Parking Lot Striping Equipment

    Getting several requests for parking lot striping. Can anyone recommend some good entry level striping equipment? Does anyone have any good used equipment for sale? Thank you
  9. Mark 8262


    Anyone have any experiences good or bad with Emcon. Just received a request from them.
  10. Mark 8262

    Plastic bed liner or mat

    Curious to see if anyone has tried to use a plastic truck bed liner or truck bed mat to cover the wood on their trailers. I thought it might hold up better than spray in liner and protect the wood better
  11. Mark 8262

    Fuel Cost $2.59

    Curious about fuel costs around the country. I filled up this weekend and paid $2.59 and then I saw a sign for $2.57. Not sure how long it will last, but lowest prices Ive seen in several years
  12. Mark 8262

    Damage to Clothing

    We cleaned a gas station Saturday night and we clean it every 6 months. It is open 24/7 and does not shut down while we are there. We always close down half the lanes with cones and clean them and then close down the first half and clean the remaining area. We clean the canopy, awning and...
  13. Mark 8262

    Stainless Steel Cleaning

    I have a restaurant that is wanting me to wash behind some of their fryers. This is stainless and has been neglected and covered in grease. What is the best degreaser to use on stainless? or should I just use heat Thank you
  14. Mark 8262

    Pulley size

    Can Anyone tell me what size pulleys I need? I have a TSF 2221pump With a Kohler 27 hp engine looking to get 10 gallons a minute at 3000 PSI. Can someone post the formula Thank you
  15. Mark 8262

    how long is too long

    I cleaned a small deck about 10 weeks ago. The home owner was going to seal after cleaning. He has not done it as of today. Assuming there is no algae or mold growth is it OK to go ahead and seal it or would you recommend cleaning it again. I have not seen it since I cleaned it 10 weeks ago...
  16. Mark 8262

    Oxidized Stucco

    I looked at a stucco house today (approx 7500 sq ft) and the pigment in the stucco is oxidized very badly. It is not painted the pigment in the stucco should be a dark green. The house was built in 2008. I have a couple of questions? 1) Do you think a home that is only 6 years old would have a...
  17. Mark 8262

    Lead in Stained Glass

    I am quoting a school building that has a lot of stained glass. Building was built in the1920's and I was told the stained glass has some lead content in it. A couple of years ago I washed a house that was about 100 years old and it was covered with lead paint. The bleach and paint did not mix...
  18. Mark 8262

    Transitioning out of the field

    I'm sure many of you have faced this. For many years it was just me or me and one helper. Business has been going very well and I now have 3 full time employees plus myself and my wife has quit her job and runs the offices, schedules work, answers the phone and helps with estimates. My problem...
  19. Mark 8262

    Belts Breaking

    I have a 10gpm 3000 psi cold water machine that we built a few months ago. It keeps breaking or burning belts. I have had the local shop look at it and adjust it but it continues to happen. I think the belts seem a little tight, but the shop says they are correct. Not sure if it matters but we...
  20. Mark 8262

    How Long Before it Rains

    Just curious.......For the roof cleaners that do not rinse, How much time does it take before SH loses it's potency. How much time should pass before it rains when you would no longer worry about killing plants from the run off?