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    Cleaning Pre-cast...Issues

    Got it done! Used a mix of 9 percent sulfuric acid. Short dwell and cleaned with high heat. Just posted for future search inquires.
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    Cleaning Pre-cast...Issues

    Doing some testing prior to submitting proposal. Large Building with pre-cast facade Test #1: D/S standard mix (3 gallons SH + 2 gallons water) 20 minute dwell with low pressure rinse= Looks better but far from clean Test #2 Dedicated pump with 50/50 mix, 20 minute dwell with high pressure...
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    Hudson Valve

    Too many overflows! I installed a Hudson valve, works great but i'm getting a sense that my tanks are taking longer to fill. My imagination or do these valves restrict some water flow?
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    Thank You Scott Stone

    I’ve been in business less than 1 year. I worked hard to put myself in position to compete and get the opportunity to bid on large scale jobs. Well…that’s starting to pay off! I was informed today that my company has been contracted to clean 800,000 + square feet of parking garages. The...
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    I was contacted for RFP at a nut processing plant. The customer wants all machines cleaned and disinfected. I guess my question would be what is technically considered "disinfecting" ? What limited knowledge i have... pasteurization on food products is 140 degrees, so i'm planning on running my...
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    rust prevention

    Relatively new rig. I want to keep the rust at bay before it becomes a bigger issue. I'v used a product called POR 15 on some auto applications but its not UV protected. Maybe some other products or ideas you could recommend. Thanks!
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    From California

    Hello All! i have been lurking for a few months and finally decided to set up a profile. My name is Rich and I'm working out of Sacramento California. I previously owned a large window cleaning company that i sold in 2014. Went to work in the private sector for awhile in San Francisco. I really...